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In Brief Wondering how to communicate with Avenger Folk online (or Starfleet folk for that matter?) Our easiest way to communicate, outside email and listservs is through the use of the Internet Relay Chat or IRC.

Below is a list of current IRC servers you can use to communicate with members. You will however need an IRC client to connect and communicate. These programs of courser vary depending on Machine type and OS, so you should make sure to get one that fits your needs.
  SERVERS The following are current IRC servers that Starfleet International maintains for fleet chats.

Direct IP Address:

HOW TO CONNECT The first thing you need to do once you have your IRC program setup, is to Add A Server to your program. Like when one drives, you need to know where you are going before you get there, so pick one of the servers listed above and then go to your program.

(For our purposes we are using mIRC, available at www.mIRC.com)

1. Select Options under the File Menu.
Once you do, you'll be presented with a menu that looks approximately like this. (Click on image to enlarge)

Fill in the information name, email address and then choose a nickname you'll be referenced to in the chat. You'll need to pick something small, think 6 to 8 characters in length and no apostrophe's or @ symbols, etc.. Don't click OK yet though... once you're done, proceed to step 2.

2. Select ADD in the upper right corner;
Once you do, another smaller menu will popup, approximately like in the image. Once it does, you'll need to put your server information in. Leave the port number, etc.. alone. All you need to put in is a description of the server (so you can find it in your
server list later) and the actual server address (see: SERVERS above). Then click OK and the menu will dissapear and the server will be added to your server list. {Repeat process as necessary with additional servers from the list above, as you may need to switch servers occasionally.}

(Click on image to enlarge)

3. Get Ready To Connect :)
Now that you have the server info put in, its added to your list. Just use the pulldown to find the server description you just entered (Click on image to enlarge). Highlight it and the menu should return to normal with your new server listed (as in the first menu image of this section).

Now Click OK and then the menu will disapear. Your information is now saved so you won't have to input it again later. Now all you need to do is go back and select Options under the File Menu , make certain the Default Port reads 6667 and then click on Connect to server.

Now once you are connected to one of these IRC servers, you're going to need to choose a channel to speak on. The most common channel for use is;


Key in this channel and you should be connected to the starfleet channel and you'll be communicating with members of Fleet from all over the world, and some that are even just across town.