In keeping with the Federation Starship analogy, and in the finest tradition of STARFLEET
 ships of the line, U.S.S. Avenger provides 'Away Team' opportunities for its members 
to engage in. Look to our events calendar on the main page for actual planned event dates.
For the past several years, STARFLEET chapters have been participating with the Polar Bear Plunge to benefit the Special Olympics. 2010 was no exception. A talented associate member of the U.S.S. Avenger took basic materials to fashion fantastic costumes which called an appropriate amount of attention to the intrepid trio of plungers. Friends from U.S.S. Challenger joined in the fund raising efforts which raised over a million dollars for the NJ Special Olympics.
U.S.S. Avenger members have also actively participated in fundraising efforts benefitting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Held annually on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights, NJ, Avenger members join the thousands of other walkers who turn out to raise funds for the research against Type-1 diabetes.
The Somerset Patriots have invited U.S.S. Avenger and other STARFLEET chapters to turn out for "Star Trek Night" at the TD Bank Stadium in Bridgewater, NJ. 2009's Star Trek Night came on the coattails of the new feature film premiering in theaters. The crew of the Avenger took the field to say "Hi" to the crowd, were offered a chance to toss out the first pitch, and led the masses in "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at the 7th inning stretch. Join us for some great Minor League action.

Throughout the summer months, Avenger members have enjoyed attending the renaissance fairs in the surrounding area. The chapter schedules 5 trips regularly, with opportunities to look at other venues as they are presented. Join the fun with Jousts, Live Performances, Musicians, Comedians, Demonstrations of hand crafted arts, Sword fighting, Chivelry, Rogueish Behaviour, and the occasional Turkey Leg.




U.S.S. Accord, a STARFLEET chapter based in scenic Ithaca, NY, hosts this annual weekend event in which folk assemble in Ithaca, eat. Spend a night at the Ithaca Ramada Airport Hotel, Eat, travel to Watkins Glen, Eat some more (oh yeah, they manage to work in this hike at the Glen Gorge Park) and did we mention there's eating involved?

Website for the hotel.

The hike itself is a 1.5 mile trip along the incredibly scenic Watkins Glen Gorge. A stone hewn pathway with stairs leading up the incline allows visitors to walk the trail, which crosses the gorge at several points, over bridges, and behind waterfalls, providing unparalleled views along the way to the top. At the end of the hike, WGW  participants assemble to share what they've been up to since last they all met for this event. It's a great way to wind down after the exercise, relaxing and enjoying one another's company. (then they get back to that eating-thing).

Link to USS Accord's Website