If you have watched the various incarnations of "Star Trek" over the years, you will have noticed that starships play a major role in the Trek universe.  Do you find these ships fascinating?  Have you ever obsessed over what makes them go, what their deck plans look like, and wish you had blueprints so you can locate the hangar deck, the bridge, main engineering and so on?  Are you interested in starship design, warp drive technology, how a transporter or food replicator works, or what it takes to construct and android?  Do you even like to build models of these ships, or collect ready-made replicas of them?  Do you like to build or tinker with stuff in general?  Furthermore, do you consider Montgomery Scott, Charles "Trip" Tucker III, B'Elanna Torres, Geordi LaForge or Miles Edward O'Brien to be gods?  Or better yet, do you enjoy just talking about any or all of the above?


If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions or even just one, the USS Avenger's Engineering Division might be for you.  In the past, the division has spearheaded field trips to places like the Battleship USS New Jersey in Camden, NJ; the exhibit "Star Wars: The Magic of Myth" which stopped at the Brooklyn Museum of Modern Art; Rotorfest, an air show devoted entirely to helicopters and other vertical take-off aircraft, at the American Helicopter Museum on the grounds of the Brandywine Airport in West Chester, PA; the Intrepid Sea/Air/Space Museum where they also had a British Airways Concorde SST on display; the West Point museum, where they have many ancient and modern military artifacts on display; and even Northlandz, home of one of the largest model railroad displays in the world.


We're not just limited to "Star Trek", either.  We are also into "Battlestar Galactica" (both old and new versions); "Caprica", "Firefly", "Doctor Who", the "Stargate" shows, and just about any other current and classic Sci-Fi TV.  That means, for example, if you are a big fan of "Thunderbirds" (marionettes are go!), you'll fit right in.


To sign up to be part of the Engineering Division, or if you have any questions, please contact Chief Engineer Matt Rielly at