U.S.S. Avenger Command Division

Fictionally Speaking...

The Command division is the administrative division of the starship.  It oversees the daily administration.  It is also responsible for the administration of paramilitary and civil law within the ship.  This division is responsible to Star Fleet for the various aspects of shipboard function.


In The Real World...


The Command Division oversees the administrative duties of running the club; from agendas and reports to financial.  It is responsible for relaying club information to STARFLEET.  Meeting dates are arranged.  The meeting agenda is set by the Command division and its members moderate meetings. 


There are three officers comprising the Command Division:

Commanding Officer (CO) Captain Sarah Rosenzweig

Is basically the president and treasurer of the club.  Reports the club activities monthly to STARFLEET.  Apprises the crew of happenings in STARFLEET.  The CO can make certain decisions without consulting the crew, but in significant matters, decisions are made by the full Command Staff.


The CO is subject to an annual vote of confidence.
Executive Officer - Admiral Alex Rosenzweig
Thank you for visiting our site. I hope you'll find your time spent navigating our pages to be informative and helpful.
In my capacity as Executive officer for U.S.S. Avenger, I am responsible for chapter personnel, conflict resolution, and overall chapter administrative duties. I stand in for our commanding officer as situations require.
The position of Executive Officer has multiple aspects, including helping with member issues ("personnel"), organizing the group's operations, and helping the CO with the "big picture" stuff. The Exec may also need to step in to help perform the duties of positions that are presently vacant, to the degree possible.  (or, as many as can feasibly be juggled). There can be a lot to do, but it's also very rewarding. Having held multiple other positions within the group, I've been honored since mid-2010 to serve as second-in-command to a great group of friends.
Second Officer - [Position Vacant]

The second Officer keeps the service records for the crew and maintains the promotion system.