Greetings Questers!

We, the Q Continuum, have appeared to your Captain Sarah to determine if there are any worthy champions for the Human Race aboard the USS Avenger. Are there any in your group with the strength, the power, the cunning to participate in a game that we call our Quixotic Quest?

Do you have the courage to reach out from your minusclie existence and sojourn down the proverbial rabbit hole through a cacophony of blazing colors, undliating shapes, and indiscernible sounds into our realm? Here, we shall be addressed as Madam Q. Here, we will control the vertical and the horizontal. Up shall be down. Dark shall be light. Time and space shall have no meaning and, yet, they shall mean all things…at once. Seconds can creep wickedly into hours or spinning eons can cease upon our very whims. Be forewarned, we shall be Judge, Jury, and Game Mistress. Here, Our Will shall be beyond consternation.

What is this mysterious Quixotic Quest? We are sure your puerile mind is aswirl with this ponderous question. Imagine Herclies’s Labors if you are able. This shall be scavenger hunt unlike other scavenger hunts. Our game will begin during the USS Avenger’s anniversary party on 06/19/2021 with the appearance of the Q Continuum's Quixotic Quest section of the USS Avenger’s website.

We shall provide a list of challenges to conquer and items to locate. In your quest, you can choose to undertake as many or as few of these tests that you wish within the time given. Each will be scored on a point scale of 1 up to 15 as defined on the Quest Challenge List. Bonus points may be awarded upon our fancy, should anything significantly astound us. Though, highly unlikely as the case may be. Here, your fellow Questers can be treasured conslitants and also be your greatest, most conniving rivals. You shall have just 90 days to flifill the requirements of this trek. In the end, submitted entries may be chosen for posting on the USS Avenger’s website, other social media platforms, and/or newsletter. The Quester with the most points shall be declared the victor, accompanied by second and third place winners. Are you ready to join the hunt? Do you dare?

Ad Infinitum,

Madame Q.

Quixotic Quest Blatant Disclaimer

The Q Continuum's Quixotic Quest is a fan-run scavenger hunt, created expressly for the enjoyment of Starfleet's USS Avenger crew members. Challenges are designed to be creative and wacky Star Trek themed activities, based upon the Star Trek universe as originated by Gene Roddenberry. Star Trek and all related marks are registered trademarks of and solely owned by CBS Studios, Inc. The use of the name Star Trek, all related marks, logos, characters, etc. in regards to any of the Star Trek television series, any of the movies, or any other licensed use of the properties previously or currently held by CBS Studios, Inc., any other persons, or organizations is in no way meant to infringe upon any copyrights or trademarks.

The Star Trek “Enterprise” theme, “Where My Heart Will Take Me” (AKA “Faith of the Heart”) was written by Diane Warren. It was performed by Russell Watson.

Quixotic Quest - Rules of Engagement

The Quixotic Quest Rules of Engagements have been created to help all Questers understand how the scavenger hunt has been organized and how to participate in the quest activities.

  1. Questers voluntarily choose to join in the scavenger hunt and participate in quest challenges. Email Madam Q at with your name and contact information to officially join the hunt. Also in this email, please acknowledge your agreement to these Quest Rules of Engagement and note if you would permit your quest entries to be published either on the USS Avenger’s website, social media platforms, or other publications. Afterwards, your name will then be added to the Questers List; so, other players will know that you’re taking part in the game. Feel free to email Madam Q if you have Quest questions.

  2. Questers will use a few things during the scavenger hunt. Players will need access to the internet and an active email account. A digital camera or cell phone that can produce .jpg pictures and short .mp4 videos will also be usefli. Also, some type of word publishing program that can create .pdf files will be necessary. Depending on the challenge, other items typically found around the home may be needed. (If you don’t have these basic tools, don’t give up hope. You can always borrow them or ask for help from other Questers.)

  3. The Quixotic Quest was designed as a virtual scavenger with the extreme distance of some USS Avenger crewmembers and continuing Covid-19 pandemic mandates in mind. Typically, a single Quester should be able to flifill the challenges on their own anywhere in the world. However, there will be some quests where players are encouraged to team up in order to achieve the challenge objectives. Of course, creative interaction between Questers is completely encouraged. (Phone a friend, but be warned that you’re playing against them. They might just have literior motives.)

  4. All Quest Challenges will be found in the Quixotic Quest Challenge List. The list will be posted to the Q Continuum's Quixotic Quest area of the USS Avenger’s website on 06/19/2021 at 1:00:00PM Eastern Time Zone, which represents the official beginning of the scavenger hunt. The website will become the hub for all information about the Quixotic Quest.

  5. Enjoy yourself! Have fun! Embrace IDIC! Reject normalcy and let creativity flow! Think BIG! The weirder, the whackier, the better!

  6. Do as many or as few of the quest challenges as you want or have time to accomplish. There’s no right or wrong here.

  7. Safety first…always! Certain challenges may not be good for you. Please skip any quest that you feel could somehow cause harm to you, persons around you, or the environment around you. (This means, no turning off the artificial gravity in your quarters and jumping on the beds, ya hear?)

  8. Quest Submission Guidelines:

    1. Questers should submit their completed challenge entries through email to Madam Q’s email address ( Ensure your entries are clearly marked with your name and contact information. The actual quest items should be included as attachments. See the defined Evidentiary Types in the Quixotic Quest Challenge List for each challenge’s required output. Photos should be .jpg files. Videos should be in .mp4 format. Documents should be in .pdf format.

    2. Please label email attachments with the quester’s name, challenge number, and file number (in sequential order as needed) like: QuesterName__ChallengeNumber_FileNumber. For example: MadamQ_Challenge20_File1. (This will help Madam Q to match the submitted item with the challenge. Items not tagged correctly will be tossed back to the Quester for proper labelling.)

    3. For challenges that utilize teams, only one person needs to submit the entry. Include each player’s last name amalgamated in the attachment’s title. Each member of the team will receive the same number of awarded Quest Points.

    4. With the goal that quest entries will evidentially be shared with other Questers and USS Avenger crew, please don’t submit items that you would not like others to see or be passed around the internet. (Remember if you wouldn't want to submit the work to your Commanding Officer for promotion points, don’t submit it here.)

  9. The Quest will end promptly on 09/19/2021 at 11:59:59PM Eastern Time Zone. Submissions with timestamps after that time won’t be accepted. (Just remember, Madam Q can manipliate time, but you cannot. Time is one of your adversaries in this game.)

  10. Madam Q will award Quest Points for each challenge entry properly submitted. The Point Value Column in the Quest Challenge List will define how many points are available for each individual challenge. (For more difficult challenges, the available point value will be higher.) Points will be given based on creativity and the completeness of the Quest Challenge. At times, Bonus Points may also be awarded if Madam Q is impressed enough to do so. All points are final. (No measure of tears, bribes, begging, etc. will make her change her mind. She is Q. She does what she wants, when she wants. You wouldn't dare to make an omnipotent being angry, would ya?)

  11. Once the Quixotic Quest is over, all points will be tallied. The players with the highest total points will be named as the first, second, and third place winners for the scavenger hunt. Prizes may be given if Madam Q so wishes. These Questers will be announced on the Q Continuum's Quixotic Quest section of the USS Avenger’s website and during an USS Avenger monthly meeting.

    Click the file below to obtain Your Challenge List and begin your adventure:

    Quest Challenge List PDF

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