At the dawn of the 24th century, the galaxy is an unstable place. Old enemies are becoming new friends, but that is not to say all concerned are happy. Exploration is extending the reach of the Federation farther than it has ever been before. New races, both friend and foe, are being encountered every month. New worlds are charted almost daily. New phenomena challenge the bravery, intelligence, and creativity of the people who would explore the depths of space. In the midst of all this, the starships of the Federation Star Fleet continue to stand proudly as the vanguard of exploration, defense, and support in the Final Frontier.

One of these starships is the U.S.S. Avenger.

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Presenting the Avengerpedia: an encyclopedic guide to the U.S.S. Avenger Universe [Revised: 11406.20].

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Story Icon   Aftermath
After a month-long mission in deep space, the Avenger returns to find Starbase 29 horribly damaged. What's happened? How did it occur?! And what will it mean for the 7th Fleet...and the Avenger?
Story Icon   A Funny thing happened on the Way to Norpin
It seemed like such a simple job: ferry a retiring admiral and his family to the Norpin V retirement colony. Little did the crew of the Avenger know that "simple" was about the last description that would apply! How much trouble can three on-the-loose kids cause? Read this story and find out!
Story Icon   Arrival
Ensign Charles Donovan arrives aboard his new assignment, the U.S.S. Avenger. And no sooner is he aboard than there's trouble. Romulans, communication breakdowns, and sabotage are afoot! What's a poor Ensign to do? Read this very different Avenger story and find out what he does do.
Story Icon   Mountain Winds
After testing a new stargate unit, the Avenger's crew begins acting oddly and dangerously. Rear Admiral Rosenzweig and the crew of the Konkordium must stop them.
Story Icon   As Others See Us
When the Konkordium is attacked by an unknown alien spacecraft, the Avenger and Tai Shan are led on an odyssey of discovery to find out who attacked the dreadnought...and why.
Story Icon   Back in the Saddle Again
Admiral Rosenzweig is transferred back to command of the 7th Fleet. But his arrival at Starbase 7 to assume his new-yet-old post is punctuated by a serious accident in the base's spacedock. Can the admiral help solve the mystery of why a normally completely safe service craft went totally out of control?
Story Icon   Belonging
A tale by Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo, A new Avenger officer may pose a threat to the ship.
Story Icon   Battle Sequence
Responding to a distress signal from the USS Amiens, the Avenger aids its sistership in fighting off several alien attackers
Story Icon   Boarding Party
When the Avenger finds a destroyer drifting silent and empty, a boarding party beams over to discover its mysteries...
Story Icon   Border Skirmish
A patrol near the Klingon border brings the Avenger and its backup vessels into a brief battle with a Klingon squadron.
Story Icon   By Honor Bound
Romulans have captured Outpost 4 and attacked a Star Fleet frigate! The Avenger goes to the Neutral Zone to find out why.
Story Icon   Cabin Fever
The Avenger's new mission was just a milk-run, right? What could be easier than just slow-boating a top-secret cargo out a station in the Federation hinterlands? But why does the ship have to run on radio silence? And what's a shuttle full of Vulcan scientists and a green Orion woman doing coming aboard and commandeering lab space? All is not at all what it seems on this particular journey.
Story Icon   Caramel Spice
Captain Maldonado has a heart to heart with the new Chief Of Recreation... of course he may just have bitten off a little more than he bargained for!
Story Icon   Crash
On a survey mission in the Ohkirot Star System while the Avenger is away, the shuttlecraft Talisman is hit by a stellar flare and forced to crash-land. Can the crew survive until the Avenger can return? And when the rest of the crew learns of the shuttle's situation, how to they deal with conflicting obligations?
Story Icon   Descent Into Wonder
The strange energy readings on UFC-18249-IV lead Captain Waidlich and a landing party into the planet's underground caverns...and an encounter with yet another, completely unexpected, mystery...
Story Icon   Good Morning, Recreation
A triple day-in-the-life story, as the stories of three of the people responsible for keeping the Avenger's Recreation Department running unfold. A unique look at life on a starship, and one worth taking.
Story Icon   Ground Action
An Avenger security squad engages a Klingon landing team on the surface of a planet in Federation space.
Story Icon   Hidden Agenda
The fate of three starships intersect at the heart of the Delgadi Triam Cluster. Avenger's time is running out as it is plagued by a mysterious 'Aperature'. Harbinger of the Avenger's final moments? Or Avenger's Salvation? Its an Adventure over 75 years in the making!
Story Icon   ISO
Onboard Starfleet vessels, crewman have the finest in medical care, but sometimes a crewman needs a little more care than a ship's Sickbay can provide. This is the story of one such little lamb and her relapse.
Story Icon   Just A Run Around the Block
A simple test-flight inside Sol System is suddenly a challenging rescue mission! Can Admiral Rosenzweig and his team aboard the warpshuttle Hyperion save a stranded solar sailor from a dangerous asteroid?
Story Icon   Let the Fur Fly!!
What we all swore would never happen...has happened. LCDR Chaym Gale' Re'ming'ton has gotten command of the Avenger, setting out to complete a mission while all the rest of the senior staff are...otherwise occupied. Join us for one of the most unique Avenger journeys, in a madcap comedy that we're quite sure will leave you laughing...or screaming...well, one of the two .
Story Icon   Love in the Lab
[ Dscription coming soon... ]
Story Icon   Operations Log
Excerpted from the ship's computer is the log of the Chief of Operations, as kept by Commander Bell over 11 months.
Story Icon   Rescue at Menrik
A Federation exploratory skiff is overdue and out-of-contact. The Avenger is sent to find out what happened to the skiff and its crew.
Story Icon   Scene 24
January 19th, 2302 marks another change in the Avenger Command Staff. The return of a lost crewman and new adjustments are in the cards. However, has Starfleet Medical signed off on this crewman a little too early?
Story Icon   Starlight Rescue
An interstellar cruise liner is in trouble! The victim of a magnetic storm, the ship is badly damaged and the passengers and crew are at risk. The Avenger and its crew must try to help them. Can the liner be saved? This story features some great character-bits.
Story Icon   Star Survey
In a flashback tale, Admiral Rosenzweig tells the story of his first real command, a multi-week mission into the frontier on a Star Fleet warpshuttle. Naturally, not everything goes as planned...
Story Icon   The Aeon Adventure
On the planet Aeon VI, an Avenger landing party must battle alien combat robots to find the secret of a strange structure.
Story Icon   Thy Avenging Spirit
Death stalks the corridors of the Avenger! Crewmembers are dying, and somebody's got to figure out how...and why.
Story Icon   The Circle
Exec Officer Waidlich is minding the store up in orbit. But when a landing party calls up with word of the discovery of an ancient artifact, she just has to go down and take a look.
Story Icon   The Gauntlet
To complete a mission of mercy, the Avenger must run a gauntlet between hostile Klingons on one side and xenophobic Daltexi on the other. But there may be more to the Klingons than meets the eye. Can this hidden information be used to advantage?
Story Icon   The Marooned
Exploring a planet, the Avenger's crew finds a stranded alien scientist from a world not yet ready for First Contact. Should he be rescued, potentially revealing the starship's presence, or should he be left?
Story Icon   The Probe
On an exploratory mission, an Avenger landing party is attacked by an alien probe. One member is captured. What will happen?
Story Icon   The Road Goes Ever On
They say that all good things must come to an end, and after many years, Admiral Alex Rosenzweig and the Avenger's crew learn that it's no different for them. The Admiral leaves command of the ship. But as Admiral Rosenzweig's command ends, it is Captain Carlos Maldonado, Jr.'s command that is about to begin...
Story Icon   The Survey Begins
The Avenger is assigned to survey the planet UFC-18249-IV. The shuttles are landing, the landing parties are getting to work, and all seems well. But a strange set of electromagnetic readings suggests there might be a bit more going on...
Story Icon   The Trouble on FDR Facility 39
While in touch with the Avenger, all communication from a deep space research station abruptly ceases. The Avenger must find out what happened, and why, as well as dealing with a new alien life-form. What happens when a boarding party beams onto the station?
Story Icon   Time Waits for No Man
Captain Bob Fillmore invents a time machine, and accidentally transports the entire lab he's in not only to another place, but also back into the past. The Avenger and its crew must cross the Romulan Neutral Zone, against direct orders, to try and save him.
Story Icon   Trip For Two
On a botched time-travel mission, the Avenger's crew meet...themselves. Can they fix the mistake without changing their own history?
Story Icon   To Everything There Is A Season
Admiral Rosenzweig stands down as Commander of the 7th Fleet. But his trip back to Earth is interrupted by a distress call from the USS Highlander...
Story Icon   Tzen & The Art of Salad Dressing
Practical jokes can be fun...unless you're the butt of said jokes (or is that *salad* jokes?). This story features the return of Ensign Donovan, and he's just *full* of bright ideas!
Story Icon   What Price Knowledge?
The Avenger is assigned to the Namati Star System, near Romulan space, to recover a probe left on Namati IV by the U.S.S. Jutland, just before the Jutland's destruction by a Romulan warbird. The probe is recovered, but the recovery is at a price.
Story Icon   Crash Survival Course
While on route to a conference at Sedonius, Captain Waidlich and Lieutenant Kellor are forced down on a planet in Kenosian space. Hostiles are in pursuit to make sure there are no survivors.
Story Icon   How to Keep a Secret on a Starship
Speculations run rampant regarding the relationship between the CO and another crewmember.
Story Icon   First Impressions
A look at the U.S.S. Avenger and her crew through the eyes of a new crew member, Tawny Taylor.
Story Icon   Simulated Madness
Mick Kellor is determined to beat a shuttle simulator program. He tries again and again and ...
Story Icon   Sciences Inspection
As the Avenger prepares to explore the Hompidae Star System, Chief Science Officer Setak conducts an inspection of the Sciences Division facilities. Explore the various labs and meet some of Avenger's sciences personnel in this tale of life aboard ship.
Story Icon   The Star Wars Encounter
In search of a missing Klingon battlecruiser, the Avenger is drawn through a warp in space-time, to find itself   in a universe of war between a powerful Empire and a valiant Rebellion. How does the crew react, and how do they get home?
Story Icon   Rahadyan's Kobayashi Maru
How did Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo face the Kobayashi Maru test? When rumors of his unorthodox solution reach the Avenger's chief engineer, Rahadyan is asked to explain them, and this is the tale he tells..
Story Icon   A Visit to the Physical Sciences Chief's Office
What's it like for a new Ensign just signed aboard to meet her department chief? Read this entertaining short-short story and find out!
Story Icon   Reaching Taurus

By Alex Rosenzweig

A retro-Avenger tale! In the year 2267, the Avenger visited Vanguard Station, aka Starbase 47. It was a different time, with a different crew aboard the ship, but one thing that was still the same was that the crew of the Avenger was committed to exploring deep space...and knew how to have a good time.

Story Icon   What I Did on My Summer Vacation (Setak's Story)

By Alex Rosenzweig

In 2310, the Avenger spent several months in Earth orbit, getting refurbished and upgraded. Her crew scattered off for some well-deserved leave time. Science Officer Setak returned home to Vulcan, but he wasn't prepared for what he'd find there, and he was even less prepared for what would happen to him when he returned to duty!

Story Icon   A World of Ice and Fire

By Alex Rosenzweig

Admiral Rosenzweig is having a routine day at Star Fleet Command. He's attending meetings and reading reports. But one report, about a fascinating planet with a civilization that Star Fleet is watching closely, fires his curiosity. It's not too long before he decides this planet is worth some firsthand observation...

Story Icon   A Shining Planet

By Alex Rosenzweig

Millennia ago, a tribe of Humans was "transplanted" to a new world, somewhere across the heavens. They lived, they prospered, and eventually they went back into space, only to meet a foe that destroyed their civilization. The survivors, a desperate band of hardy people, set out across the stars, following a legend in search of their ancestral homeworld, a search which brings them to the borders of the Federation, and to the Avenger...

Story Icon   The Beacon

By Alex Rosenzweig

A distress signal leads the Avenger to an abandoned, scorched world. But this world has a history, one which its inhabitants, now long gone, took care to ensure would not be lost. It also has a legacy, and it's up to the Avenger's crew to discover it